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P90X Extreme Home Fitness

Does P90X Deliver?

P90X Extreme Home Fitness
“Work out with me, and you’ll be SHOCKED by the results,” claims fitness trainer Tony Horton, creator of the P90X “extreme home fitness” program.

But does it deliver results? It certainly does, but P90X may not be for everyone.

P90X Overview

P90X is a ninety day program in which you work out six days a week. There are twelve different workouts, focusing on strength training, cardio, yoga, stretching and a form of jump training known as plyometrics. Every week offers a different combination of workouts. There are three phases to P90X and each one consists of three weeks of hard training followed by one recovery week.


Tony Horton claims variety is the difference between P90X and other programs. The “muscle confusion” created by the variety of workouts keeps your body adapting and growing throughout the program.

Most workouts last just over an hour, with the exception of “X Yoga,” which takes 1 hour and 32 minutes.

7 of the workouts focus on strength training; 2 on cardio training; 1 on stretching; and 2 blend strength/cardio and stretching/cardio.

It is important to note that while P90X focuses on strength training, it is not a program that will result in gaining a large amount of muscle, especially for women. Each workout is designed with the intention of burning fat and toning muscle, as opposed to increasing the size of muscles.

P90x also includes a nutritional plan consisting of three phases. For each phase, there are twenty-one unique days of meal plans with recipes for each dish. The “Fat shredder” phase focuses on shedding excess body fat by limiting carbs. The “Energy booster” phase balances carbs and protein. Finally, the “Endurance maximizer” phase has a much higher amount of carbs than protein.

P90X Equipment and Cost

The basic package, including the DVDs, nutrition guide and instructional guide, costs $140.

If you purchase this package, you will also need to buy the following:

1. A yoga mat for all lying down stretches and exercises, which you should also use to soften the impact during the plyometrics and cardio routines. This will keep your knees, back and shins healthy.

2. Dumbbells or bands for resistance training. Using dumbbells for P90X will result in greater strength gains, but purchasing a full set can be expensive. A good set of resistance bands is less expensive and will provide ample resistance.

3. A chin-up bar. There are many affordable ones that fit in most door frames. Most can also double as a push-up stand, which Tony Horton recommends using to enhance the push-up.

You can also buy the “deluxe” package for $275, which includes three resistance bands, a chin-up bar and a recovery supplement.

The “ultimate” package, for $300, gets you everything in the “deluxe” package, plus five “P90X plus” workouts, a push-up stand and a “chin-up max” that helps you do assisted chin-ups.

The “ultimate” package is overkill, but the “deluxe” package could be worth it if you just want to get all the equipment you will need in one package. The best route is to buy the basic package, purchasing a chin up bar and some resistance bands separately. A resistance band can also double as a pull-up assistant should you need one.

P90X – The Bottom Line

P90X yields results, but it does not lead you down the easiest of paths. You will spend at least an hour a day working out, six days a week, for three months. The workouts are not meant to be easy, but become easier as your fitness improves. Generally, after the first month, training becomes easier and even more fun. Those who are already relatively fit will adjust better than those who have not had recent activity. P90X offers a fit test that everyone should take to see if they will be able to handle the workouts.

The main benefit of P90X is the structure. The program is easy to follow and leaves nothing to question. Each meal is planned out for you, as is each workout. However, P90X hasn’t discovered any magical shortcut to making you fit. The diet is absolutely essential to losing weight and toning muscle. If you follow the program exactly, you will see amazing results simply because you have been dedicated to your diet and workouts.

The concept of “muscle confusion,” what Tony Horton claims makes P90X superior, is actually unsupported by legitimate scientific studies. The variety of P90x does provide a nice psychological benefit by remaining interesting, though. The workouts are never repetitive, and the instruction is clear and motivating, which helps many people stick with it.

In the end, you will get exactly what you put into P90X. It is not overly complicated, and if you follow the program exactly as outlined, you will see results. It will be a grueling three months, but will give you an amazing feeling of accomplishment and a very impressive physique at the end of it.

Check out these testimonials to help you decide whether or not P90X is right for you!

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