George St. Pierre RURSHFIT

George St. Pierre’s RUSHFIT

If you want to look like a champion, you have to train like one

– boasts Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) champ George St. Pierre, commonly referred to as GSP

George St. Pierre RURSHFITGeorge St. Pierre is ranked as the #1 Welterweight MMA athlete in the world, and he certainly looks the part. But can you trust this bruiser to deliver YOU the body of a champion?

RUSHFIT Overview

RUSHFIT is an eight week at-home fitness program that GSP himself claims to use to prepare for his own Mixed Martial Arts matches.

The foundation of the program, according to GSP, is intensity. All seven workouts take about 45 minutes to complete. Each workout is broken down into five separate 5-minute circuits. The exercises that GSP leads you through are mostly resistance based, either using body weight or dumbbells. Each workout comes with long segments teaching you the correct form for each exercise used in that workout.

The “Strength and Endurance Workout” contains lots of push ups, lunges, rows and presses, heavily utilizing dumbbells; “Explosive Power Training” involves lots of jumps, agility drills and single leg movements; “The Fight Conditioning Workout” utilizes kicking, punching, ducking and shuffling movements; “Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning” focuses on sit-ups, crunches, various

There are different eight week schedules, for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.

The beginner plan prescribes three, sometimes four RUSHFIT workouts per week. It also recommends between two and three extra cardio sessions per week.

The intermediate plan has you do four, occasionally five RUSHFIT workouts per week, with one or two extra cardio sessions recommended.

The advanced plan remains on four or five RUSHFIT days a week, but occasionally demands two workouts per day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

The 23 page nutrition guide will set you up well for this crucial part of becoming fit, but while the guidelines are better than nothing, you will probably find more effective diets elsewhere.

RUSHFIT Equipment and Cost

Rushfit Georges St-Pierre 8 Week Ultimate Home Training Program can be yours for $79.99. This includes, DVDs containing all seven workouts, all three training calendars, a nutrition guide, a workout guide and a travel case for the DVDs.

All you need to complete the workouts is a pair of dumbbells. Because of the intense and continuous nature of the workouts, these dumbbells need not be heavy, but they do need to be ones you are comfortable moving around with. Resistance bands will not serve as an adequate replacement. Also, because the program’s effectiveness doesn’t hinge upon you constantly increasing weight, you can get through fine with only purchasing a pair of dumbbells; you need not buy a full set.

Because the jumping components are frequent, some kind of soft surface or mat and a good pair of cross-trainers will suit you well.

RUSHFIT is a good program, and will give you great results provided you are able to get through the intense workouts.

Forty-five minutes is the ideal length for a workout, as the beneficial hormones released during exercise are released during the first 30 minutes of your workout or so, and after 45 minutes, the counterproductive hormones begin to be released. Ending at 45 minutes takes advantage of that hormonal sweet spot without allowing your body to secrete too many harmful hormones.

RUSHFIT also utilizes a good combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training. While the circuits will doubtlessly keep you breathing heavily and burning calories throughout, they also help you build muscle because most of the actual exercises use some form of weight training, whether it is the dumbbells or your body weight. A balanced combination of aerobic activity and muscle-building resistance training is the best and fastest way to get in shape.

Finally, the cornerstone of RUSHFIT, intensity, is actually one of the biggest contributing factors to earning the body of your dreams. Workouts like Insanity or CrossFit claim “intensity” because of the duration of the workout and high number of repetitions you are aiming for.

Intensity in RUSHFIT is different, in that it refers to each repetition of the exercises you perform. When each rep is done as explosively and forcefully as possible, that is the best way to recruit Type II fast twitch muscle fibers.

These are the muscle fibers we want!

They have the greatest potential for growth, and that doesn’t mean you’re going to get “big” like a bodybuilder if your training promotes fast-twitch muscle growth. Just look at GSP!

While things like Insanity or CrossFit are only for nuts who enjoy pain and punishment, it would be worth your while to try and stick out RUSHFIT. The thing that separates RUSHFIT is that all of the pain and sweat is actually worth it. The shorter workouts, decent amount of rest and most importantly, resistance training makes this program worthwhile for anyone interested in becoming fit, as long as they can handle the intensity. But at least with RUSHFIT, you know your exhaustion is worth while!

Check out these testimonials to help you decide whether or not RUSHFIT is right for you!


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