Insanity Workout Review

Insanity Workout Review

Is Insanity Right for You?

“Are you ready to dig deep?” Because you will have to in order to make it through Insanity, the “total body conditioning program” from Beachbody, makers of P90x. Insanity Workout Review

The question personal trainer Shaun T poses is a pertinent one. Anyone considering Insanity should decide exactly how ready they are to dig deep six times a week to get through some butt-whooping workouts.

If you are ready to dig deep with Insanity order the 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program today! INSANITY: 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program If not, then keep reading!

Insanity Workout Overview

While resistance training is the cornerstone of P90x, Insanity uses mostly in-place aerobic exercises to burn calories. Trainees perform long intense bouts of variations of squats, sprinting in place, push-ups, plyometrics and martial arts moves. You perform these in a circuit, going from one exercise to the next rapidly, with very short rest. Insanity calls this “max interval training,” which is unique to Insanity, because it is the complete opposite of standard interval training, which involves short to medium bouts of intense exercise, followed by medium to long rest.

Insanity is a sixty day program in which you work out six times a week. The program is divided into two one-month phases with a recovery week in between. The first phase actually doesn’t consist of any “max interval training,” it simply gets you in good enough shape to handle it. But that doesn’t mean the first month is easy.

The first four weeks are grueling, rotating the following programs every week, which range from thirty minutes to one hour; Fit Test; Plyometric Cardio Circuit; Cardio Power and Resistance; Cardio Recovery; Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs; and Core Cardio & Balance.

The much-needed week off consists of only one of the easier workouts, Core Cardio & Balance. The second month, when the “max interval training” begins, is far more difficult than the first. It consists mainly of four workouts; Max Interval Circuit & Fit Test; Max Interval Plyo; Max Cardio & Cardio Abs; and Max Recovery.

Following the diet is imperative, as the intense exercise leaves the body craving nutrients. There is an easy process to determine how many calories to eat per day, factoring in age, body type and goals. Five evenly sized meals are spaced throughout the day. Insanity provides a nice variety of meals and recipes to choose from; there are ten choices for each of the five daily meals.

Insanity Equipment and Cost

Insanity can be done without any equipment. However, a good pair of cross-trainers and a soft mat (like the Harbinger 340100 Durafoam Exercise Mat) to perform the movements on will go a long way and preserving your back, knees and shins from the constant impact of the various movements.

The program costs less than $145, which gets you 10 DVD workouts, a calendar schedule, the nutritional guide and additional instructional guides. Beachbody will try to upsell extra workouts, but the basic package is enough.

Insanity – The Bottom Line

Insanity isn’t for everyone. You must already be in good shape and without health issues. For those prone to knee or back problems, or shin splints, Insanity might put too much stress on your joints.

If you agree with Albert Einstein’s definition of the word insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” then this program appears to be aptly named. You will always be exhausted after a workout. The program is challenging down to the very last workout. You have to be someone who enjoys pushing themselves to the limit six days a week in order to have a shot at making it through both months.

There is an all-too-little-known saying in the fitness industry, “any fool can make another fool tired,” which applies well to Insanity. Like P90x, you will see results at the end mostly due to the strict diet and fact that you are burning calories every day. But while much of the success of P90x users is a result of the resistance training, results seen by Insanity users may very well be in spite of the “max interval training.”

Beachbody doesn’t say why they decided to “turn interval training upside down.” Countless people, both professional athletes and regular gym-goers, have succeeded with standard interval training. There is no satisfactory explanation of the reason for doing the opposite of a proven method, besides the fact that it makes you more tired. Unfortunately, there is a lot more to the fitness equation than simply making yourself feel exhausted.

That being said, Insanity is not a program without benefits. For one, it is very easy to do while traveling, as all you need is a pair of sneakers and the DVD’s. Sean T is an excellent motivator, who is joined by a solid background cast of fellow trainees. Some even drop out of workouts, which is a nice confidence builder if you are outlasting them, and someone to share in your misery if you are left gasping for breath.

In the end, Insanity is only for people who love a challenge and enjoy pushing themselves to the limit. If that sounds like you, then Insanity is the absolute perfect program. If you are a beginner, or looking for a more sane path to fitness, P90x might be a better program for you.

Check out these testimonials to help you decide whether or not Insanity is right for you!

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Insanity Workout Reviews

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